About the IFL

The IFL is a collaborative research space in the Montgomery-Knight building of GT-AE. As seen in the layout diagram below, the 24-foot-high space may be configured as one single ~2100 square foot area, or as two independent ~1150 and ~750 square foot areas partitioned by motorized screens.

A total of 56 Vicon cameras maintain full coverage of the entire space; 46 Vicon Veros (2.2mp/330fps) and 10 Vicon MX T40s (4mp/370-2000fps). Each sub-space, IFL1 and IFL2, contains a control booth with independent PCs running Vicon Tracker, enabling two simultaneous motion capture research tasks to take place.

Additional equipment available for use in the space include:

  • Ceiling-mounted projector for navigation simulation
  • Wireless Vicon dongle for onboard logging and/or real-time control
  • Test rigs
    • Static thrust and power characterization (for rotors or whole aircraft)
    • Moment-of-inertia and center-of-mass determination
    • 3-degree-of-freedom hover gimbal (pitch/roll up to 30 degrees, infinite yaw)

The ultimate goal of the IFL is to provide students, researchers, and industry users with a facility to experiment and obtain data with minimal learning curve and setup time. To this end a dedicated lab manager facilitates use of the IFL, provides engineering support and advice for how to make the most out of the IFL’s capabilities. See below for some images of the space: