Welcome to Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering’s Indoor Flight Laboratory (IFL)

In Summer 2020, GT-AE completed a major renovation and unification of various spaces in the Montgomery-Knight building, resulting in the newly-christened Indoor Flight Laboratory (IFL). Totaling over 2000 square feet of floor coverage, the IFL can be operated either as a single large space or as two smaller independent spaces via the deployment of motorized partition screens. Each space has its own independent Vicon motion-capture system that can be operated individually or in unison, altogether totaling 56 cameras. Netted and screened control booths in each space provide test personnel a safe zone with high performance PCs running Vicon software, with a raised netted gallery in the larger space affording prime views to any additional observers. Ancillary equipment available to users of the space include ceiling-mounted projection system, a large-diameter fan for wind simulation, and various test rigs and measurement devices for characterizing vehicle parameters. A dedicated technical team is on hand to provide training and engineering support for students, researchers, and external users to maximize the potential of the IFL. For more information, click on the menu above or contact us for more information.